We are now into another UK lockdown during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, which have brought drastic but essential changes to life as we know it.

We can’t tell you how much we miss daily interactions with our wonderful brides and the joy this brings us, but we know we are not alone in such feelings!

During these unprecedented times, your hair may well be showing some telling signs of your current state of mind. Heightened levels of stress can cause your locks to appear lacklustre and can even halt the growth of new strands. If you have recently noticed an increased loss of hair during washing, brushing and general care, this also indicates that you may be experiencing anxiety.

Without access to your professional stylist and regular maintenance routine, you may be feeling a little helpless, so here are our top DIY tips for looking after your tresses during the lockdown.


  1. Don’t over-brush: while your hair may not be behaving in its usual way, regularly grabbing the brush in an attempt to tame your mane can be tempting. However, this can cause further damage as the friction often weakens hair cuticles, leading to breakage and split ends. A gentle brushing twice a day, to help detangle and style, should be just the right amount to aim for.
  2. Boost volume with a careful blow dry: particularly during a stressful time, when your hair may be thinner and limp in appearance, some simple best blow-drying practices can give it a beneficial boost. First, lightly towel dry your hair to remove any excess moisture, being careful not to rub too hard. Holding the dryer approximately 6 inches away, work from the back and sides to the top and finally the front, gradually reducing the heat as your hair starts to dry. For the finishing touch, try hanging your head upside down to shake hair out and use the dryer to gently brush down in this direction, adding some volume and body. Avoid applying heat to hair that is already dry, as this can be very damaging.
  3. Treat your tips to a deep condition: dry and damaged hair will benefit from deeper conditioning at least once a week, focusing mainly on the ends. After washing, apply a deep conditioner if you have one, following the instructions for your particular product. If you don’t have a specialist deep conditioner at home, your day-to-day conditioner can be applied and left in for 15 – 30 minutes at a time. You can even add some of the key ingredients of a deep conditioner, including honey, olive oil or coconut oil, to your regular conditioner at home for extra restorative care.
  4. Tailor to your type: it is so important that all of your hair products and styling tools are suited to your specific type. Take a little time to research what your hair needs most to maximise its health. If you are prone to greasy hair, then you should focus on cleansing. For coloured hair, particularly blonde tones that have become brassy and with dark roots becoming very visible, a violet shampoo will help to merge colours. My personal favourite is Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Angel.Wash and conditioner.
  5. Go on a healthy hair diet: many of the essential nutrients that promote hair growth and should help to counter some of the negative impact of this stressful time are found in staple foods. From protein-rich eggs, also containing biotin (vitamin B-7), to vitamin-packed berries, nuts, vegetables and fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, your hair can benefit from a much-needed natural boost through your diet.


We hope that you all find these tips useful and easy to incorporate into your routine during lockdown life. When we finally move into the next phase of this situation, any TLC that you give your hair now will ensure that it is in the best condition possible for your upcoming wedding hair trial.

We can’t wait to see you all again and re-start the countdown clock to your special day.

Bye for now,

Cambridge Wedding Hair Team