Choose your wedding dress

This is most important thing to have done before you have a hair trial. It’s incredibly important to know your dress before you choose your hairstyle, and to ensure it all aligns with your dream look.

Show us your Pinterest board

The reason we love it when clients bring their ideas is because we get more than just an idea of the hairstyles you like. We can see colour themes, the venue, dress styles. It gives us a better understanding of what you love!

Have a clear idea of how you want to
look and feel

Let us know what ‘vibe’ you’re going for with your wedding day look.

Are you going for more classic and traditional? Or more boho, or even Vintage.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself to your artist, it will really help us to guide you through some suggested hairdos for your big day.

Wear more make-up than you usually would

Remember, on the day, you’ll be dressed to impress! Bear that in mind when you’re at your hair trial. It helps to put in a little more effort into this side of things, so you have a better idea of the final look.

Wear a similar colour to your wedding dress

It may sound obvious, however wearing white or ivory clothing will reflect how you will look and feel on the big day, bring your bridal dressing gown if you like!

When should I have a trial run?

We suggest our clients have a trial 3-6 months in advance. That way, it’s still fresh in your mind but you aren’t worrying about it at the eleventh hour. It’s a hairdresser’s dream to have a good rapport with their clients, so we also love it when our brides book in for this at the time of booking in advance.

Take photos!

Ask us Artist’s to take lots of photos! If you can also take lots of pictures of your hair throughout the day, then you’ll have a better idea of what it’ll look like at your wedding and over a good few hours.

”We tried a couple of styles before deciding on the perfect updo. We spoke about the dress and the theme and I really felt like Katrina knew what I wanted. I had some lovely comments throughout the day about my hair, it looked just as beautiful in the evening as it did at the start of the day!” – Hollie Graham