CWH has booking agents who manage CWH wedding hair jobs in postcode area’s across Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas.

Job opportunities will come to you from these agents as the leads come in. The agent will try to use the artists that are local to the jobs.

The agent will pay you 70% of jobs. As a rough guide on a £300.00 job, you will be paid £210.00.

Our prices are set across the board and will not differ from artist to artist. (Types of jobs and prices are available on our website)

Wedding hair trials should be completed within 2 hours. At our discretion we can charge a bride a £30.00 an hour fee if the trial goes over 2 hours.

If the customer is happy with your work, you will be paid £50.00 to book you for the job. This amount is deducted from the final invoice and the job will become yours to organise and arrange.

All final payments are paid to you, then our 30% percentage (less travel) is to be paid to us by you by bank transfer upon receipt of payments.

If more people are added to the wedding day you MUST declare this immediately to the agent.


The agent will send you details of the job via a booking form to your email, you must then print this and take it with you on the job.

If you are asked to assist on a job the fee is fixed at £70.00 for 2 hours, or £90.00 for 3 hours, you will be required to invoice the agent upon completion of the job.

We will pay you 0.45p per mile once the distance is over 15 miles from your home address, this is on both trials and wedding jobs.

CWH may have other event work available from time to time, payment is usually a fixed fee rather than a percentage or based on what is earned over the course of the event.


You will be working as a self-employed artist and will completely be responsible for your own tax and national insurance.

You must have public liability insurance cover before working for CWH (A copy of your certificate will be required)

If you work with under 12’s and do not have CRB approval you must work with another adult present.

Once the trial has been completed and the work is booked in you are obliged to work on the job.

On no account should you cancel except for an absolute dire EMERGENCY.

In such case contact with the agent should be made immediately to arrange cover for the job.

If there are any complaints these need to be notified to the agent, we reserve the right to negotiate either a refund to the client or to claim a percentage back for the artist.


CWH cannot guarantee job bookings to any artist.

Once you are accepted onto the books of CWH you are required to pay a one off £10 admin fee, this is to add your details onto our website.

How to pay this fee will be included in your ‘’Welcome to Cambridge Wedding Hair’’ email.

The artist is representing CWH and so will always behave professionally and within the customers best interests.

CWH reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time with 14 days notice.

These terms and conditions are legally binding.

The laws of England and Wales shall govern this contract and both CWH and the artist agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.


The total job is £350.00

The customer pays £90.00 for the trial run – you receive through CWH £63.00

You have already earned £63.00 at the trial, so we pay you the remaining £182.00

Job worth to you £245.00 (70% of the job)


There is a £199.00 annual fee payable from the successful artist, this is to cover the cost of:

  • Ongoing training (every 6 months CWH will hold wedding hair workshops to ensure you are up to date with the latest trends to stay top of your game)
  • SEO and website costs of promotion of the Artist
  • Personalised ‘Cambridge Wedding Hair’ directors chair and mirror set to use on jobs
  • Official uniform/ badge
  • Legal advice in times of customer/client resolution
  • Free use of CWH salon for trials (heating, lighting, Wi-Fi) as and when required

Any further questions please email us or call on 07507506926